Outdoor Play – All Year!

Outdoor Play – All Year!

Outdoor Play – All Year!

Date posted: November 10, 2017

It’s getting cold outside! Colder weather doesn’t mean that play activities have to be limited to the indoors. Outdoor play is important all year. Year-round outdoor play can boost kids’ performance in school is a recent blogpost from Child Trends that describes some of the benefits of outdoor play in every season.

Looking for cold weather outdoor activities for children? You can find some ideas to get you started in Outdoor Play on Winter Days. For even more ideas, try Participaction’s Make Room for Play Cold Weather Activity Checklist.

To keep the outdoor play fun, dress children to stay warm and dry. The following infographic has tips.

Note: The temperatures are in Fahrenheit in this American graphic. In Canada, we’d use -1 Celsius for 30 Fahrenheit,  -7 Celsius for 20 Fahrenheit.

When it’s too cold to play outside, there are still lots of opportunities for active play indoors.

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