Numeracy in Action

Numeracy in Action

Numeracy in Action

Date posted: May 11, 2015

New from Community Literacy of Ontario!

Numeracy in Action: Curriculum and Resources to Understand and Use Numbers is a curriculum designed to help learners develop and practise math skills through mostly task-based, authentic activities. There are four modules: Manage Money, Manage Time, Use Measures, and Manage Data. Designed for use by practitioners (teachers, instructors and tutors) in a wide variety of programs to assist a variety of learners, it is not intended as workbook for learners to use on their own.

Each module contains an index of the activities, a set of information sheets with background material for the topic, and learning activities, including practitioner notes and an answer key. While it is articulated to the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF), the activities are useful for any adult numeracy programs.

This is another great resource from Community Literacy of Ontario. Access the resource here.

Looking for more numeracy activities? Email for suggestions. Or take a look at our Math Resources list.

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