Newcomer Women’s Health Resource

Newcomer Women’s Health Resource

Newcomer Women’s Health Resource

Date posted: October 16, 2018

Newcomer Women’s Health Resource: New Strategies for Women Learning English for Better Health is a new curriculum created by Diana Jeffries from The Pacific Immigrant Resources Society (PIRS). If you work with immigrant and refugee women, this is a resource designed for you.

This resource is designed to help teachers and students engage in the tricky topics of women’s health that are often overlooked in regular EAL classes. After many months of exploring ideas with refugee women and learning about some of the topics they will and will not speak about, I designed the guide and resource materials so that instructors can help women not only learn about better ways of taking care of their own physical and emotional needs but also to help facilitate student participation in the classroom and support their classmates to find ways to improving their health. Talking, understanding, and human connections create better overall health for women, and the EAL classroom that is specifically designed for women is one of the best spaces for women to feel safe to learn specific health related language, learn about what health services are available to women in Canada, and to build a capacity for the classroom community to find ways to help each other in and outside of their language class.

This health literacy curriculum contains 7 lesson plans: 3 lesson plans on women’s overall health, 2 lesson plans on gynecological health needs, and 2 lesson plans on friendships and relationships. Teacher’s Notes before each lesson underline the need for a cultural humility approach and working with a trauma informed lens.

A newcomer men’s health curriculum is being developed and we’ll share it when it’s available.

Some of you may recognize Diana from the Trauma-Informed EAL: PIRS Teacher’s Guide to Trauma-Informed English as an Additional Language, which she presented at Decoda’s 2017 conference.

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