Mothers’ Mental Health

Mothers’ Mental Health

Mothers’ Mental Health

Date posted: October 10, 2014

Today is World Mental Health Day.

For those who work with young families, one of the mental health issues that may arise is postpartum depression. You Can’t Tell a Mom has Postpartum Depression by Looking is an blog post that contrasts happy photos of new moms with their own words about how depressed they were feeling.

You can’t tell by looking, but just hours before this picture was taken, I tried to kill myself. I had been sobbing for two weeks. An hour after this picture was taken, I got up on stage and performed for a church talent show like everything was fine.”

It’s a very effective reminder of how this kind of suffering can be hidden and isolating. Read the full blogpost here.

If you work with vulnerable mothers and families, you might find the Mothers’ Mental Health Toolkit useful. This resource is designed to help community service providers, who are often the first point of contact, support parenting at the neighbourhood level. You can access the free resources here.

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