Meaning Matters

Meaning Matters

Meaning Matters

Date posted: August 29, 2019

Will you be working on reading comprehension skills with your students?

For students reading at a Grade 5-6 reading level, you will want to look at the Meaning Matters series from Grass Roots Press.

Students will enjoy building their knowledge through reading the contemporary non-fiction passages in the workbooks. Each book begins by providing instruction on how to strengthen the target skill. The series’ content is derived from the following themes: history, environment, nature and science, people, health, social issues, law, sport, and labour.

The four workbooks cover:

  • Vocabulary
  • Main Idea
  • Inferences and Conclusions
  • Fact and Opinion

These are great learning resources. The Decoda Library has two copies of each workbook. To request a loan, email

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