Managing Your Money

Managing Your Money

Managing Your Money

Date posted: November 28, 2018

Managing Your Money: Tools and tips to help you meet your goals is a series of seven worksheets to help Indigenous individuals and families to set and work towards money goals. Each financial topic and activity is paired with a teaching from the animal world that draws on skills, strengths and experiences in managing resources. These worksheets, created by AFOA Canada and Prosper Canada, are designed to facilitate one-on-one conversations or to be used in financial education workshops.

The worksheets are:

Worksheet 1: Your money goals
Worksheet 2: Tracking your regular income
Worksheet 3: Tracking your spending
Worksheet 4: Tracking your bills
Worksheet 5: Monthly budgeting
Worksheet 6: Setting a savings goal
Worksheet 7: Preparing for tax filing

For financial literacy facilitators, the following resources are available:

Managing your money: Workshop facilitation guide
Managing your money: Facilitator deck (power point presentation)
Webinar: How to use the ‘Managing your money’ resource

We’ll be adding this to our list of Indigenous Financial Literacy Resources.

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