Literacy Month 2018 Contest Winners

Literacy Month 2018 Contest Winners

Literacy Month 2018 Contest Winners

Date posted: October 5, 2018

Thanks to everyone who entered our Literacy Month 2018 contest. All the entries deserve congratulations for the things they did to foster literacy in September. A random draw was made on October 1st for the prize winners.

In the class category (new for this year), the ISS of BC (Tri Cities) LINC CLB 2/3 day class was the lucky group to have their entry drawn. To celebrate Literacy Month, they learned to sing Home, Home on the Range.

Mahbod Ghorbandaiy, who attends the Reading and Writing Level 4 class at Vancouver Community College, had his name drawn to win the individual prize. Here’s how he celebrated Literacy Month:

I will celebrate literacy in September by:
I will finish reading the Titanic book.
I will read the West Coast Reader newspaper.
I will practice for my spelling test.
I will prepare for my driving license test for October 29.
I will also study the level 5 English upgrading at Douglas College.
I will practice my English speaking skills.

There were lots of very good entries and we’ll be sharing some of them during the rest of this month.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Thanks, too, to all the Literacy Outreach Coordinators who encouraged their communities to #PutOnYourPurple to celebrate literacy month. To see some of what they did, visit our Facebook photo albums: #PutOnYourPurple, #PutOnYourPurple with Campbell River, and #InternationalLiteracyDay.

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