Kids + Steps + Sweat = Healthier Brains

Kids + Steps + Sweat = Healthier Brains

Kids + Steps + Sweat = Healthier Brains

Date posted: July 9, 2018

For better brain health, all children and youth should be physically active on a regular basis. In addition to physical health benefits, physical activity also improves cognition, brain function and mental health. – Participaction 2018 Report Card

Every year, Participaction issues a comprehensive assessment of the physical activity of Canadian children and youth. This year the Participaction Report Card focused on physical activity and the benefits to the brain. What did they find? Canadian children still aren’t moving enough – D+ for overall physical activity, D for sedentary behaviours, F for overall 24-hour movement behaviours. Read the report card summary in the Highlight Report and get the complete picture in the Full Report.

How do children’s brains benefit from physical activity? (Click the image for the full infographic.)

For research evidence on the relationship between physical activity and brain health, read the Expert Statement that accompanies this report.

Engaging kids in daily physical activity may be the most accessible, but underutilized, way to support them to better brain health. How do you boost physical activity? Participaction offers a Facts & Tip Sheet with 10 suggestions.

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