Global School Play Day

Global School Play Day

Global School Play Day

Date posted: February 7, 2018

We know play is important for children. But, sometimes the opportunities for unstructured play decrease as children get older. Here’s one way to promote more free play. Today is Global School Play Day!

Created in 2015, Global School Play Day is a campaign that encourages schools to plan for a day of free, unstructured play on the first Wednesday in February. Students are encouraged to bring toys to school, but only toys that do not require electricity or batteries. And, devices are not allowed. For the teachers, there are a few guidelines:

  • Don’t organize anything for your students.
  • Don’t tell them how to play with the toys/games.
  • Don’t interfere with your students unless you see something that could get you fired or would physically hurt a child

The following video shows what can happen.

(Did you see someone from Decoda at the 41 second mark?)

Why is unstructured play important? Here are some of the things that happen during free play:

  • Children are creative and come up with new ideas.
  • Children make choices and practice decision making.
  • Children think and act independently. They make things happen.
  • Children can play cooperatively and learn to share, take turns, and deal with conflict.
  • Children can try new things and discover their likes and dislikes.
  • Children can develop confidence.
  • Children have fun while they’re learning.

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