Fostering Literacy – a Personal Story

Fostering Literacy – a Personal Story

Fostering Literacy – a Personal Story

Date posted: October 16, 2017

Congratulations to Winnie Chien for her winning entry in our Literacy is Life contest! Contestants were asked to tell about a time they fostered literacy in their home or community.

Jacquie Taylor and Winnie Chien, October 2017

Winnie is a LINC 6 student at Educacentre College in Vancouver. Here’s her story:

How I Helped My Parents Use a Smart Phone

My parents were illiterates who couldn’t read or write Mandarin. In their generation, most people had to work hard for a living. They didn’t get a chance to go to school.

Since I moved to Canada four years ago, they always felt alone and hoped to have more contact with me. In the past few years, social media became popular; it’s the best way to keep in touch with your relations. But they refused to learn because they thought it was impossible for illiterates like them.

Last summer, I went back to Taiwan and bought them a smartphone without asking them. I started to teach them to recognize pictures and symbols first. Then I took two weeks to teach them the names of family members and close friends. After one and a half months, they were able to use social media to contact relatives. They were so happy and felt confident enough to learn other functions.

I was glad that I didn’t give up and persuaded my parents to learn how to use a smartphone. Now, we see each other every day by social media. They also are really enjoying using their smartphone to search for something they are interested in.

Thanks for sharing your story, Winnie!

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