Family Math Fun

Family Math Fun

Family Math Fun

Date posted: January 9, 2015

Family Math Fun is a book full of activities for families to do together. Written for educators and parents by BC practitioner Kate Nonesuch, all the activities do more than help children think about numbers, shapes and patterns. Here’s what Kate has to say:

Spirit: We want to nourish the learning spirit, so that children become aware of themselves as learners. Activities such as counting out plates for dinner help kids feel that they belong to the family and contribute to family life. They develop a sense of themselves as people who can solve problems. Looking at shapes, numbers, and patterns in nature makes them aware of the beauty and order that surround them.

Heart: When adults do these activities with children, the children feel loved. When the children are successful at the activities, they feel confident and happy to take on another challenge. When the activities contribute to family life, children feel responsible, and proud of their ability to take part.

Body: The activities here all involve doing something. It is not enough to think about things. When you do something in the real world, there is usually a reaction – someone or something does something back. The reaction teaches you something, and you may begin to think in a different way because of it. Sometimes we can’t think of what to do, but something says, “Just try this…” and we do, and it works.

Mind: When we think of math, we often think of school math, but children begin to notice and think about numbers from the time they are born. The activities in this book all involve math thinking without worksheets or tests. Making a collection, taking a bath, making a box, braiding your hair, making art—if you do any of these things, you are thinking mathematically.

You can find tried and tested activities for a wide range of ages in this resource. Patterns, recipes and hand-outs are all included.

Click here to find this resource online or email to borrow a print copy.

A photo of any of these family math activities would make a great entry in our Share Your Selfie Challenge.

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