ELL Family Coding Night

ELL Family Coding Night

ELL Family Coding Night

Date posted: July 3, 2018

Last week, we took a quick look at young children and coding. This week, what about families and coding? How do parents help children interested in coding if they aren’t comfortable with it themselves? And, what can be done if those parents are English language learners?

To address some of the barriers, researchers created a programming environment called Block Studio, which is text-free and avoids abstraction. Here’s a quick introduction to Block Studio 2.

The researchers then partnered with three different community centers serving immigrant populations and set up ‘family night’ sessions, where ELL families with school age children could learn to code together. Family Coding Night with English-Language Learning Families describes the project and some of the results. They demonstrated that you can  teach introductory coding without using text.

For more details, read the research paper, Empowering Families Facing English Literacy Challenges to Jointly Engage in Computer Programming.

Visit Block Studio to give it a try. You’ll need to create an account; it’s free.

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