Essential Skills

Essential Skills

Essential Skills

Date posted: September 20, 2018

Today is Essential Skills Day! It’s a day to focus on workplace literacy and the importance of essential skills training.

The essential skills are nine skills that have been identified as the key skills that are needed for work, learning and life. They are the foundation for learning all other skills. Can you name the nine essential skills?

From ABC Life Literacy Essential Skills Day poster

If you want to learn more about essential skills, The Office of Literacy and Essential Skills website is full of resources, including:

  • background information
  • essential skills profiles which describe how workers in various occupations use essential skills
  • tools and resources for job seekers and employees, apprentices and tradespersons, trainers and career counsellors and employers – The tools include workbooks and essential skills self-assessments.

To introduce the idea of essential skills at home as well as at work, The Centre for Family Literacy in Alberta has developed an Essential Skills in the Workplace/Essential Skills in Daily Life double-sided information sheet.

For other workplace literacy and essential skills resources, contact

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