Early Math

Early Math

Early Math

Date posted: January 22, 2016

Introducing math concepts early is important and is easily done in a play-based way.

For ideas on everyday activities that spark young children’s math interest, look at Too Small to Fail’s “Talk Math” Activities Sheet.

You can find more ideas for home and classroom early math activities in the following:

Exploring mathematics through play in the early childhood classroom by Amy Noelle Parks (2015).

Family math fun! by Kate Nonesuch (2008).

How many ways can you make five? A parent’s guide to exploring math through picture books by Sally Anderson (2012).

I love when we count (DVD) by Tremain Media (2008).

Let’s talk about math: the Little Counters approach by building early math skills by Donna Kotsopoulos (2014).

Mathematics through play in the early years by Kate Tucker (2014).

Spotlight on young children: exploring math from NAEYC (2012).

Teaching STEM in the early years: activities for integrating science, technology, engineering and mathematics by Sally Moomaw (2013).

To borrow any or all of these resources, email library@decoda.ca.

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