Date posted: October 19, 2015

Can you read this?

Dyslexia simulation

Dan Britton, a British graphic designer, wanted to show what the reading experience is like for him and others who live with dyslexia. He created the ‘Dyslexia’ font, a typeface that demonstrates the frustration of finding printed words difficult to decode, by slowing down the time it takes to decipher words and sentences. Click here to learn more about this project.

We blogged earlier this year about Dyslexie, a font that is designed to help dyslexics read. Read the blogpost here.

In the following short video, a literacy specialist from New Zealand shares strategies for teaching adults with dyslexia to read and spell.

Six other short videos on dyslexia are available on New Zealand’s National Centre of Literacy and Numeracy for Adults website. Click here to access.

For more resources, search our library catalogue for books on dyslexia.

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