Domino fun for all ages

Domino fun for all ages

Domino fun for all ages

Date posted: January 16, 2015

Dominoes are simple objects with a lot of versatility. They can be used to support all kinds of learning while developing hand-eye coordination.

For toddlers, dominoes can be used for sorting, matching and counting. Here’s one mom’s story of how her toddler worked with dominoes.

Domino games and puzzles can support early learning of math concepts.

And, dominoes can be used as building blocks to create structures and tricks. For Friday fun, here’s a video showing a domino chain reaction created by two domino artists that involves STEAM and a lot of creativity. (Each section was created individually and then edited together using a technique known as ‘screenlink’.)


Try playing dominoes at home, take a photo of your family and enter our Share Your Selfie Challenge. You could win a prize!

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