Digital media and young children

Digital media and young children

Digital media and young children

Date posted: January 12, 2016

True or false?

  • All screen time is detrimental to early learning.
  • Children aren’t impacted by TV that plays in the background.
  • TV at bedtime can help lull children to sleep.
  • Parental cell phone use doesn’t affect kids’ behaviour.
  • More interactive screen experiences are the better for kids.

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Children are engaged with digital media even from an early age. Most agree that using digital media with parents and balancing time using digital media with lots of other types of play are good ideas. Parents can find tips in the following:

Children and Media – Tips for Parents  – from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Family Time with Apps  – from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center

Using Screen Media with Young Children  – from Zero to Three

For parents who are interested in purchasing apps to use with their young children, a couple of recent articles offered advice:

Apps for Sale: How to Choose and Use Apps to Maximize Your Young Child’s Learning

Five Questions Everyone Should Ask Before Choosing Early Literacy Apps

More information for parents can be found on the Early Learning in a Digital World webpage.

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