Decoda’s Summer Reading – Gail Hanney

Decoda’s Summer Reading – Gail Hanney

Decoda’s Summer Reading – Gail Hanney

Date posted: August 16, 2017

This post was written by a ghostwriter – Gail’s dog, Stanley!

In Nabakov’s Favorite Word is Mauve, Ben Blatt takes a statistical approach to analysing great works of literature by looking for common threads. Is Great Gatsby the greatest book ever written because F. Scott Fitzgerald used so few adverbs, a trait found in most classic and bestselling books?

It’s a fun read for data geeks and people who are just interested in the craft of writing.

For me, there is only one factor for judging a book. And no, it’s not by the  cover!  Though I’ve been known to chew through a few good paperbacks.

The one thing that makes a truly great book : it has a dog!

Would Patricia Cornwell’s crime solving Dr. Scarpetta be so likeable if she hadn’t rescued two dogs?  Would other books even be written and made into movies without Toto, Lassie and Cujo?  I ask Ben Blatt to do the stats.

Breaking Wild, by Diane Les Becquets, is about two women. One’s gone missing during a hunting trip. The other woman tries to find her.

It’s also about two dogs.  One who meant so much to the missing woman who reminisces about her life while fighting for survival. The other dog is a hero by assisting his human in the search. Woof! Great stuff.

As for the shelves of self help books on raising the perfect puppy, how to stop barking, chewing and digging?  I say, don’t waste your money.

Just give us dogs everything we want – people, food, your bed, undivided attention — and you will have a best friend for life.  Can you really say that about humans?

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