Decoda’s Summer Reading 2019 – Tina

Decoda’s Summer Reading 2019 – Tina

Decoda’s Summer Reading 2019 – Tina

Date posted: June 26, 2019

What are you reading this summer? Decoda staff members have a tradition of sharing what they’re reading or planning to read, and I’m starting off this year’s series by writing about two things that influence what I’ll be reading this summer (or really any time).

First, I love reading lists. Any time I see something in print that combines ‘reading’ or ‘book’ and ‘list’, it’s like a magnet. I have to take a look – even the ones on topics that don’t interest me (because you never know). Selections on a popular reading list are interesting glimpses into someone else’s reading life and reading tastes, not required reading (this isn’t homework!). Here are some lists that I’ve looked at recently for summer reading ideas:

Second, I also love public libraries, perhaps even more than reading lists. To me, they’re the epitome of possibility, so many new and new-to-me books. Most of my free reading material comes from the public library. If you haven’t been to your local public library recently, treat yourself to a few visits this summer.

I just discovered something new that combines reading lists and public libraries. The Vancouver Public Library (my local public library) has started VPL Book Bingo, a summer reading challenge. You keep track of the books you read or listen to between June 21 and August 27th, and write them on the matching square in the Book Bingo card.

Looking for reading suggestions? The VPL has created a set of nine themed book lists to accompany Book Bingo.

My summer reading plan is usually too ambitious and the titles I was thinking of reading are dotted all around the Bingo card. To help me be more realistic, I think I’ll start by tackling a diagonal line:

  • Favourite book from your youth: Anne of Green Gables
  • Makes you laugh out loud: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened
  • Reader’s Choice: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat (Cookbooks count, right?) or #NotYourPrincess
  • Hot off the press!: A Better Man (This book is released on August 27th so I’ll have to read fast!) or The Stone Circle
  • From your “To Be Read” list: The Sentence is Death or Big Sky (fingers crossed that one of these library holds will  materialize in the next couple of months)

And, because I’m optimistic here are some short novels from the Decoda library that I’ll be adding to the mix:

To join me in reading these fast paced, entertaining stories, email .

Stay posted each Wednesday to see what other staff members are reading. I’ll be looking for titles to add to my To Be Read (TBR) list!

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