Decoda’s Summer Reading 2019 – Gail

Decoda’s Summer Reading 2019 – Gail

Decoda’s Summer Reading 2019 – Gail

Date posted: August 7, 2019

Once again, Stanley the Dog is writing Gail’s summer reading blogpost. Thanks, Stanley!

The Secretary is a new novel by Renée Knight. It is so good it deserves a lick.

It begins with “The secretary is the most dangerous person in the room.” How can anyone not read further?

For me, a big dog is the one I fear the most. But I’ve also seen little dogs snap without warning.

That’s why this book is so suspenseful. Will obedient Christine Butcher reach her breaking point when she is pushed to the limit by her demanding boss?

Most of the action takes place in Christine’s head. Is she an unreliable narrator? Or, is she bringing the reader along in her search to find truth? It’s a ride full of twists and turns.

This is the second book by Knight. Her first book, Disclaimer, was also a page turner.

You won’t have many “dog ears” when you read either of these books. They are so suspenseful you won’t want to stop reading to the end.

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