Decoda Summer Reading 2018 – Tina Chau

Decoda Summer Reading 2018 – Tina Chau

Decoda Summer Reading 2018 – Tina Chau

Date posted: July 4, 2018

So many books, so little time.”

This quote from Frank Zappa is how I started last year’s summer reading blog post, and it still rings true. And, I’m still using the same strategies to tackle my unrealistically long ‘to be read’ list.

An article in Book Riot by a librarian who runs summer (and winter) reading programs for adults and teens reminded me that it’s not just about reading a whole bunch of books.  Here’s my personal interpretation of her 3 lessons learned:

  1. Stats are important, but stories are amazing: It’s not about how many books you read; focus on what each book brings to you.
  2. Success is relative: There’s no point in comparing the amount or complexity of what you’ve read to what others have read. It’s not a competition. I’ll never finish my ‘to be read’ pile; in fact, I think it’s a good thing if it gets longer, not shorter.
  3. Adults love prizes: The prize for finishing one book is starting the next one. A visit to the library (a free prize!) or bookstore (not so free prize) is never a bad idea.

Here’s what I have my eye on for reading this summer, in three broad categories:

From the Decoda Library
This summer I’m hoping to read some of the books that adult literacy practitioners have recommended for use with their students.  Thanks to Marilyn Smitshoek for forwarding the suggestions that she’d gathered.

You’ll also see the cover of Missing Her in the feature photo. It’s the latest entry in the Anna Chapman series from Grass Roots Press. I’ll be reading it, too, because I’ve enjoyed the other books in the series. These are all available for borrowing. Email to request a loan.

I love a mystery
Most of what I like to read for fun is mysteries. And usually I end the summer with a binge read of Louise Penny’s newest novel. But, this year it won’t be out until later in the fall. Here’s what’s on my list:

New to me
I think it’s good to read something other than mysteries every once in a while. These are all new-to-me authors.

It looks like I’ve succumbed to book greed again. I’m pretty sure I can’t read all of these this summer. But, I have a lot of interesting choices. And, remember, it’s not a race.

Are you interested in what other people are reading?  Every Wednesday this summer, a Decoda staff member will be blogging about their summer reading. I’m looking forward to adding more titles to my ‘to be read’ list.

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