Decoda Plays Literacy Month Bingo – Internet Research

Decoda Plays Literacy Month Bingo – Internet Research

Decoda Plays Literacy Month Bingo – Internet Research

Date posted: September 11, 2019

This week, we’re working on the ‘Research something on the internet’ square! And, to help you know us a little better, we’re sharing some of the non-work things we looked up on the Internet recently.

Christie – I searched for “long-tail cast on method” and found a YouTube video that will help me start my next knitting project.

Heather – I looked up the San Bernardino National Forest after meeting a firefighter who is from there.  He was seconded to work forest fires in Northern California. He gave me some great camping and hiking tips.

Margaret – I looked up Kashmir on the internet because of the Arundhati Roy book I’m reading.

Maureen – Buster Keaton was referred to in the movie Benny and Joon and when I asked Rudy who he was, he said, “How could you not know who Buster Keaton was?” So I looked him up. Visual comedy and stunts were the things he was known for, although he was a film director, producer, and screen writer too. Next I went to the FVRL online catalogue and put a hold on one of his movies. Here’s a film clip to give you an idea of what he was about. Buster Keaton – The Art of the Gag.

Natasha – Recently I spent time researching the life of Anno Mitsumasa and his works. I picked up a copy of his book Anno’s Journey and became entranced with all the detailed drawings and the short biography. I learned that before becoming an artist he was a children’s math teacher. I also learned there’s a museum in Japan devoted to his works. I realize I now must make a visit to pick up more of his books as many of his books are no longer in publication! Learn more at and Anno Mitsumasa Museum.

Tina –I wanted to replicate a salad that I had at a restaurant, so I looked on the Internet for the recipe. I didn’t have a name, so I searched for the ingredients. I don’t know that I could count it as a total success as the search uncovered hundreds of recipes! More successfully, I retrieved Nigella Lawson’s recipes for My Mother’s Praised Chicken and Chocolate Guinness Cake online.  It was faster than finding the cookbooks!

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