COVID-19 Parenting Tip Sheets

COVID-19 Parenting Tip Sheets

COVID-19 Parenting Tip Sheets

Date posted: April 20, 2020

Recognizing the challenges that physical distancing and school closures can create for parents, a team of parenting experts has developed a set of six tip sheets on positive parenting.

The series includes:

  1. One-on-One Time
  2. Keeping It Positive
  3. Structure Up
  4. Bad Behavior
  5. Keep Calm and Manage Stress
  6. Talking about COVID-19

These resources are available in 60 languages.

The experts behind these resources represent the World Health Organization, UNICEF, End Violence, Internet of Good Things, Parenting for Lifelong Health, USAID, UKRI GCRF Accelerating Achievement for Africa’s Adolescents Hub, and the Centres for Disease Control.

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