Coding in Early Childhood

Coding in Early Childhood

Coding in Early Childhood

Date posted: June 26, 2018

As the STEM Starts Early report indicated, children are born scientists.  With adult support they can develop their natural science, technology, engineering and math capacities from an early age. But, adults may not feel confident in supporting children’s STEM learning.

But, as 4 Things Everyone Should Know About Early STEM Learning tells us:

The good news is that supporting children’s STEM development doesn’t mean you have to be an expert. In fact, one of the most important things adults can do is model genuine engagement and curiosity about the world around them. By asking questions and demonstrating wonder, by taking the role of co-learner and guide, and by encouraging children’s own curiosity, you are instilling in them the motivation to explore and experiment. Ask lots of questions — and instead of feeling pressured to have the answers, just be willing to learn alongside them and participate in trying to figure out the answers. This is the foundation of the scientific method.

Did you know that some consider coding to be a new literacy and that even very young children can learn precoding and coding skills? Read the following articles to find out what coding activities look like in the preschool years. It may be more familiar and play-based than you thought.

To explore more, borrow Robotics for Young Children: STEM Activities and Simple Coding from the Decoda Library. Email to request a loan.

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