Click if You Agree

Click if You Agree

Click if You Agree

Date posted: April 19, 2016

When you sign up for a service or app online, do you read the privacy policy and terms of use thoroughly? While we know it can be important, because it spells out our rights, responsibilities and liabilities, most of us don’t read everything before we click to agree.

This holds true for teens as well as adults. While research shows that young people are concerned about their online privacy, they don’t always understand exactly what privacy policies and terms of use are.

MediaSmarts has designed Click if You Agree, an educational game that helps children develop skills and confidence to read privacy policies and terms of use. Designed for 12 to 14 year olds, it emphasizes knowing how to identify the most important and relevant parts of a privacy policy or terms of use. It also highlights best and worst practices, shows how to spot “red flags”, and provides plain language terms for common elements.

Click here to play the game.

Click here for the teacher’s guide.

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