Captioning to Build Literacy

Captioning to Build Literacy

Captioning to Build Literacy

Date posted: May 10, 2016

Closed captioning was created to improve access to television and movies for the hard of hearing. Using subtitled and captioned video can also be used to strengthen reading skills.

Research indicates that closed captioning and subtitling can improve:
• Reading speed and fluency
• Word knowledge
• Decoding
• Vocabulary
• Word recognition
• Reading comprehension
And, watching videos with captioning is something students can enjoy. Reading captions or subtitles is fairly intuitive and increases print exposure.

SLS or Same Language Subtitling has been used effectively on a large scale in India, based on the popularity of Bollywood films and songs. To learn more about this initiative, visit PlanetRead.

For tips on using this with your own students, look at the Captions for Literacy website.

For more background information, read Captioning to Support Literacy and How to Improve Literacy Without Even Trying.

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