Building Consentful Tech

Building Consentful Tech

Building Consentful Tech

Date posted: June 19, 2018

Your digital body is composed of the personal data, digital identity and online interactions. Do you know how that information is being used? Have you agreed to those uses? Can you remove your data?

Consentful technologies are applications and spaces in which consent underlies all aspects, from the way they are developed, to how data is stored and accessed, to the way interactions happen between users.

Building Consentful Tech was written to promote a conversation about how consent can work in digital spaces.  It presents ideas on what consentful technology could be, a framework for considering consent in digital spaces, who is involved and how consent can be built into technology. It’s written for anyone who uses, makes, or is affected by digital technologies and wants to build a more consentful world.

If you’re interested in using this zine as a teaching tool, take a look at the workshop outline in Consentful Tech Workshop at Mozfest 2017.

A select list of additional resources on consent, technology and digital safety are listed at the end of the Taking Care of Ourselves and Each Other blog post.

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