Brain Myths

Brain Myths

Brain Myths

Date posted: August 14, 2017

Are these statements true or false?

  • Some of us are ‘left-brained’ and some are ‘right-brained’. This affects how we learn.
  • Brain development is complete by the time you reach puberty.
  • Learning is due to the addition of new cells to the brain.
  • A common sign of dyslexia is seeing letters backwards.
  • Mental capacity is inherited and can’t be changed.
  • We only use 10% of our brain.
  • When we sleep our brain is inactive.
  • Listening to classical music increases children’s reasoning ability.

Check your answers and learn more in Debunking Neuromyths: Eight Common Brain Myths Set Straight, a new article on some brain ‘facts’ that are actually fiction. If you thought some neuro myths are true, you’re not alone. In fact, you might be in the majority.

Here are a couple of TED Ed lessons that address two of these brain myths:

Click here for the full lesson on The left brain vs. right brain myth.

Click here for the full lesson on What percentage of your brain do you use?

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