Brain Injury Month

Brain Injury Month

Brain Injury Month

Date posted: June 7, 2018

June is Brain Injury Month in Canada.

The incidence of brain injury is high, with more than one million Canadians living with a brain injury. It is considered a silent epidemic as there are often no visible signs of the injury.

Automobile accidents, sports injuries, cycling accidents, falls, violence, strokes, tumours, aneurysms, and other non-degenerative conditions are all leading causes of acquired brain injury and multiple disabilities in Canada. The impact of a brain injury depends on the severity and location of the injury.  Difficulties with perception, memory, attention, and information processing are some of the symptoms that can affect learning.

The Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy recently blogged about Paulina Mason, a member of their Planning Committee.  Read From Bulgaria to Nelson: A Journey in Learning to Learn for a personal perspective on the impact of a brain injury on learning. Thanks, Paulina, for sharing your story!

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