Books about animals

Books about animals

Books about animals

Date posted: May 12, 2014

Do you have a learner who would be interested in reading about animals? The library has 3 new titles from the American Museum of Natural History that contain high quality colour photos and interesting, readable text. Designed for beginning readers, you might want to borrow:

Strangest animals.
Thea Feldman. New York: Sterling Children’s Books, 2013.
Animals that glow, that make nests from spit, that change shape and color, that ooze thick, gooey slime: How strange! Meet some creatures that have unique and unusual talents. From the glass frog with a see-through body to a fish that happily hides inside a deadly plant, every living thing shown proves that truth is stranger than fiction!

Extreme survivors

Extreme survivors.
Connie and Peter Roop. New York: Sterling Children’s Books, 2014.
“Up high, down low, in freezing temperatures, and in boiling hot places–animals and plants can survive in the most extreme environments!”

Deadly and dangerous

Deadly and dangerous.
Mary Kay Carson. New York: Sterling Children’s Books, 2013.
From swiftly swimming Great White sharks to big cats ready to pounce and poisonous vipers waiting to strike, these creatures are deadly. Find out about the most dangerous animals and plants on earth and how they bite, catch, sting, and shock in order to kill, eat, and survive.

Someone with a higher reading level might enjoy:

Science vs. animal extinction.
Nick Hunter. New York: Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2013.
Examines the importance of biodiversity, discussing animals in crisis and ways science is fighting to counteract the impact mankind has had on the environment and endangered species.

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