Booklets for First Nations and Métis parents in BC

Booklets for First Nations and Métis parents in BC

Booklets for First Nations and Métis parents in BC

Date posted: July 18, 2014

A series of booklets developed by the National Collaborating Centre on Aboriginal Health and BC First Nations Health Authority shares important parenting information, strategies, tips and other resources that will help parents raise healthy, secure, confident and resilient children. These practical resources all provide steps that parents can take with children at different developmental stages from birth through age six. And, these resources are available free online.

Family Connections presents information for parents on bonding, forming secure attachments with children, and connections with extended family and community. The importance of strengthening these ties is grounded in traditional First Nations and Métis culture and values.

Fatherhood is Forever discusses why fathers are important, learning how to be a father, and some of the different approaches that can work in different situations. Many ideas are presented of how fathers can be involved at different stages of their child’s life, including caring for children, teaching, playing, and sharing family traditions.

Parents as First Teachers focuses on early childhood learning through experience and play. The booklet stresses the importance of exposing children to their First Nations or Métis language and culture, which will be the foundation of who they are.

Growing up Healthy focuses on steps parents can take to keep infants and children well through nutrition, physical activity, and caring for the body. It presents information on traditional foods, ways to provide healthy food on a budget, and low and no cost ways to encourage active living.

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