BC Summer Reading Club

BC Summer Reading Club

BC Summer Reading Club

Date posted: June 26, 2020

Registration for the 2020 BC Summer Reading Club is now open!

BC Summer Reading Club 2020 Animation from Shayne Letain on Vimeo.

The BC Summer Reading Club is a free, accessible and fully inclusive library reading program for children, ages 5 to 14. What do you need to do to participate? Read! Read! Read!  You can also listen to someone else read or tell you a story. Read or listen to anything you like: books, audiobooks, e-books, magazines, comics, or newspapers. Read in any language, including American Sign Language. Set a goal to read every day.

Due to COVID-19, BC libraries may have limited in-person access this summer. Check with your local public library to see if there’s in-person registration. If your public library isn’t easy to get to, you are welcome to visit the 2020 BC Summer Reading Club website to register.

Looking for reading ideas? This year’s theme is Explore our Universe. There are seven weekly sub-themes:

  • Week 1: Up and Away – Transportation and technology
  • Week 2: Home Base – Planet Earth, animals, the environment
  • Week 3: What if…? – The future, science fiction, imaginations
  • Week 4: Sun, Moon, and Stars – Planets, moons, and other celestial objects
  • Week 5: Out of This World – Fantasy, mythology, other universes
  • Week 6: Into the Great Unknown  – Aliens, black holes, and other mysteries of space
  • Week 7: Blast off!  – Astronauts and space exploration

There are book lists coordinated with each weekly theme.

Every week, starting on June 29th, a selection of Fun Things for 5-8 year olds and Cool Things for 9-12 year olds will be made available on the BC Summer Reading Club website. These at-home activities will include short videos and self-directed activities for children and parents.

Questions? Look for answers on the BC Summer Reading Club website. There’s a section for grown-ups.

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