Baking and Literacy

Baking and Literacy

Baking and Literacy

Date posted: September 11, 2018

Today’s tip on the 2018 Fostering Literacy Calendar is Bake something. Are you surprised that this is an activity that supports literacy?

Food can be a very effective vehicle for learning. It is familiar and relevant for everyone. Baking, and any other food preparation, is a great activity for reinforcing literacy and numeracy skills. Preparing food together can spark interesting conversations. And, producing something delicious is rewarding.

Read How one cooking program created a recipe to transform lives to see how this can work in an adult class.

Baking something with your family can be a fun learning experience. Explore the links below to learn more about what children can learn from cooking with adults:

And, if you’re concerned about sugar consumption, remember that not all baking is sweet. Bread is a collection of short films from the NFB highlighting six Canadian women from different backgrounds and their recipes for bread. These films could be used as a conversation starter. Here’s the trailer:

Find a sample of teaching aids using food, baking or cooking in:

There are more resources for embedding literacy in food and cooking in the Decoda Library. Email for suggestions.

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