B is for Biodiversity

B is for Biodiversity

B is for Biodiversity

Date posted: September 21, 2020

Today is the start of Science Literacy Week! This year’s theme is B is for Biodiversity.

Looking for reading material to share with learners on this theme? The beautiful photography and clear text in the Amazing Animals series has made these books popular with adult learners. Here’s a selection that includes animals from Canada:

Beavers  Bison  Brown Bears  Dolphins  Eagles  Elk  Hawks  Hummingbirds 

Killer Whales  Moose  Owls  Polar Bears  Whales  Wild Horses  Wolves

With more text and wonderful colour illustrations, the following books focus on animals in BC:

Email library@decoda.ca to request a loan. Not a library member? Live in BC? Register, for free, here.

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