Adult Literacy in Canada 2017

Adult Literacy in Canada 2017

Adult Literacy in Canada 2017

Date posted: May 16, 2018

In 2017, CUPE conducted a study of the literacy landscape in Canada. They were interested in determining if and how adult literacy practitioners and leaders were able to sustain their work, after major federal funding cuts to literacy. The study also identified shared needs across the country.

Based on interviews with almost 40 organizations and individuals, Adult Literacy in Canada 2017 reveals that the Canadian adult literacy field is diverse and built to be responsive to local resources, needs and interests. At the same time, there is much consensus around key issues.

The report includes this proviso:

This report reflects information and issues that were discussed in interviews with the researcher in 2017. When seeking out feedback on the report in February 2018, it was brought to our atten­tion that new initiatives and collaborations had started in a few places but also that some lines of communication had ceased to exist. Some interviewees have moved to new jobs and some organi­zations interviewed for this report may no longer be operational. It was a reminder that the literacy landscape is in a state of flux and that this can leave the field vulnerable to lost connections, even over the space of a single year.

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