ABC Health Matters

ABC Health Matters

ABC Health Matters

Date posted: October 3, 2018

October is Health Literacy Month!

ABC Health Matters is a health literacy program from ABC Life Literacy Canada, with the support of AbbVie Corporation.

The workbooks from their three hour workshop are now available to download for free. The resources are intended for people receiving health services and/or their caregivers.

Make a Medical History Card
Health Passport
Caring for a loved one
Tips for your next Doctor Visit
You and Your Pharmacist
Your Rights as a Patient
Glossary of Health Words
Your Health Centres
Doing Health Math
Helpful Links (replace the Ontario links with services in your community)

Tips for health care professionals can be found in Communicating with Patients with Low Health Literacy.

Two posters, Tips for your next Doctor Visit (shown above) and You and Your Pharmacist, are also available.

For other health literacy resources, read last year’s Health Literacy Month blogpost.

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