A Guide to Voting for Literacy Practitioners

A Guide to Voting for Literacy Practitioners

A Guide to Voting for Literacy Practitioners

Date posted: September 10, 2015

Civic literacy is the knowledge and skills needed to participate in making change in your community. This includes voting. The Canadian federal election next month provides an opportunity for literacy learners to practice civic literacy.

ABC Life Literacy Canada in partnership with Elections Canada has created A Guide to Voting: a Literacy Practitioner Workbook for Voting in the 2015 Federal Election. This resource includes information, links and suggested activities to help adult students learn about voting basics: how elections work, how to register to vote, methods for voting, identification needed to vote, what happens at polling stations, and accessibility issues. You can learn more about this guide at an ABC Life Literacy Canada webinar on Tuesday, September 15th (11 am to noon in BC). Click here to register for the webinar.

Elections Canada has produced a number of resources that you can either download or order in print. For classroom resources, click here. Canada at the Polls! may be of particular interest if you are planning to have an election simulation in class. It’s a kit that includes a ballot box, voting screen and step by step guide.

There is also My Voter’s Guide which you can preview online.

You can also find online videos about voting from Elections Canada. Here’s a sample:

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