15 Minutes of Family Fun – Sort and separate

15 Minutes of Family Fun – Sort and separate

15 Minutes of Family Fun – Sort and separate

Date posted: January 9, 2014

Sort and separate is one of the everyday activities that can help develop literacy and numeracy skills. This laundry activity promotes language development in 3 to 5 year olds.

All you need is a large pile of laundry and space to sort it. Help your child sort laundry into piles based on colours, talking about what you are thinking when you decide where each piece should go. You can also talk about the different materials or pieces of clothing and count the pieces in each pile.

For additional ideas and hints for success, click here.


Sorting laundry teaches children about colour, pattern, and textures. It introduces new words and encourages children to notice differences and similarities. Sorting by shared characteristics is another skill that children practice. And, sorting laundry also supports development of fine motor control.

For a more detailed explanation of the things children can learn while sorting laundry, read Learning Through Playing & Doing: Laundry Mathematics

Family Literacy Day is celebrated on January 27th each year. This year’s theme is 15 Minutes of Fun!

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