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Posts featuring books or resources are intended to highlight items we have recently acquired or accessed, and which we would like to share with our readership. They do not represent an endorsement.

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New Adult Literacy Education Journal

The inaugural issue of ProLiteracy’s Adult Literacy Education: The International Journal of Literacy, Language, and Numeracy has been released. This online, peer-reviewed journal will be published twice a year and it’s free. The journal will cover research on adult basic and secondary education and transitions to college and career programs. Research will reflect best practices… Read more

Teaching and Assessing Spelling

A new Literacy Leadership Brief from the International Literacy Association examines Teaching and Assessing Spelling. It underlines the importance of spelling for reading and writing, and describes the many different kinds of knowledge needed for spelling in English. It also looks at diagnostic analysis of spelling errors to provide a picture of students’ strengths and… Read more

Brain-Building Serve and Return

This new how-to video from the Harvard Center on the Developing Child illustrates five steps that parents and other caregivers can use to help build a child’s brain. 5 Steps for Brain-Building Serve and Return is an accompanying parent information sheet. To learn more about the importance of responsive relationships, read Serve and Return.

Fish Idioms

Idioms are tricky in language learning. Even if you know the meaning of each word in an idiom, you won’t necessarily comprehend what the idiom means. For example, these fish idioms are commonly used, but a literal translation of the words doesn’t convey the meaning. Idioms are tricky when you’re translating a language as well… Read more

Families and Climate Action

Today is International Day of Families and the theme is “Families and Climate Action”. What can families do about climate change? For suggestions, read: 13 ways to save the Earth from Climate Change – a poster from National Geographic Kids It’s Important to Talk to Your Kids about the Climate Crisis from The Climate Reality… Read more

Exploring STEM through Play

Looking for STEM activities for young children? There’s help available in the Decoda Library. Here’s a sample of what you can borrow: To borrow these titles or get more suggestions (there’s lots more available!), email This library service is available to all adults in BC.

Quirky Collective Nouns

A collective noun refers to a group of people, animals, or things.  Some of them are familiar such as family, class, and collection. But, some are less commonly used and sometimes unexpected. If a collective noun is the subject of a sentence, do you use a singular or a plural verb? Generally, a singular… Read more

A Surprising Way to Help Kids Cooperate with Each Other

What can you do to help kids learn to play and work together? Here’s a strategy you might not have tried. For a glimpse at the research behind this video, read More than recess: How playing on the swings helps kids learn to cooperate. The video is an entry in the APA Psychological Science Video… Read more

Commonly Misspelled Words

Homophones are words that sound alike but have different spellings and different meanings. They can be tricky. Here’s a list of 17 to watch out for.  

New in the Decoda Library! May 2019

The Decoda Literacy Library continuously adds titles to the collection. Here’s a sample of the newest additions: Find a list of all the newly added titles here. The Decoda Library is open to all adults in BC. We will mail the loans to you for free. Register to borrow here. To request any of the… Read more

New Workplace Curricula

Are you involved in workplace or workforce training? Check out these new publications from Community Literacy of Ontario! Last year, CLO received funding to support curriculum enhancements for Literacy and Basic Skills agencies. They identified occupational curriculum as an important topic with high interest from learners and practitioners. Working with four community-based literacy agencies in… Read more

Safety and Health Week

May 4th to 11th is Safety and Health Week (also known as NAOSH Week)! Celebrated in Canada, Mexico and the United States, this week focuses on the importance of preventing injury and illness in the workplace, at home, and in the community. You can find an article about the week in the May issue of… Read more

TD Canadian Children’s Book Week

TD Canadian Children’s Book Week starts tomorrow! This annual event celebrates Canadian children’s books and the importance of reading. This year’s theme, Readers are Dreamers, underlines the magical escape that books give us. Thirty Canadian children’s authors, illustrator and storytellers will be doing readings in schools, libraries, community centres and bookstores across Canada.  Even if… Read more

Canadian Mental Health Week

CMHA Mental Health Week is May 6th to 12th. Mental health is a state of well-being, and we all have it. We might have a mental illness, and we might not. Either way, we can all feel well. We can all have good mental health. It is about having a sense of purpose, strong relationships,… Read more

The Westcoast Reader – May 2019

The May issue of The Westcoast Reader is available now! It contains articles about Safety and Health Week, a skunk being freed from a plastic cup, planting a herb garden, and more… You can find the Teacher’s Notes for this issue online. For subscription information, or to find out if your group qualifies to receive… Read more