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Posts featuring books or resources are intended to highlight items we have recently acquired or accessed, and which we would like to share with our readership. They do not represent an endorsement.

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Babar, Rainbow Fish, and Pippi Longstocking

What do Babar, Rainbow Fish and Pippi Longstocking have in common? They’re all characters from children’s books that were translated into English. Did you know that September is World Kid Lit Month? It’s a time to celebrate world literature for kids and teens, especially fiction and nonfiction translated to English from other languages. These books… Read more

Essential Skills Day

Today is the 10th anniversary of Essential Skills Day! It’s a day to raise awareness of the nine key skills that are important for work and daily life. These skills, identified by the Government of Canada, are the foundation for learning other skills and evolving at work and adapting to change. What is each skill?… Read more

Raise-a-Reader Week

It’s Raise-a-Reader Week!  The Raise-a-Reader campaign was created by the Vancouver Sun in 1997 to support literacy work by helping to increase awareness and raise money for family literacy programs in BC. Decoda is proud to partner with the Vancouver Sun and the Province of British Columbia on Raise-a-Reader. This week also showcases the variety… Read more

B is for Biodiversity

Today is the start of Science Literacy Week! This year’s theme is B is for Biodiversity. Looking for reading material to share with learners on this theme? The beautiful photography and clear text in the Amazing Animals series has made these books popular with adult learners. Here’s a selection that includes animals from Canada: Beavers… Read more

New! Come Read with Me videos

Today is the start of Raise- a-Reader Week! This fund-raising campaign supports family literacy. What a fitting time to introduce the newly released Come Read with Me videos. This series of six short videos presents tips for parents to keep home reading a fun and positive experience for everyone. Session 1: How we learn to… Read more

Adult Literacy: No One Way

Did you attend Dr. Allan Quigley’s Adult Literacy: No One Way webinar series earlier this year? Now that the Decoda Library has reopened, we’re able to loan you the recommended reading for this training. We have a few copies of Building Professional Pride in Literacy: a Dialogical Guide to Professional Development for Practitioners of Adult… Read more

Trivia Teasers 2020

We’re looking forward to Team Trivia Challenge next week. This fundraising event is a lot of fun (and maybe a bit competitive). And this year, it’s a virtual event so you can join from the comfort of your own home. Here’s a little practice to get ready. Test your trivia knowledge with these questions: Orange,… Read more

Decoda Library Reopens!

The Decoda Literacy Library is ready to reopen! Once again you can have great resources, delivered to you, for free. What’s different for now? Library loans may not be delivered as quickly as the library returns will be quarantined for 3 days after they arrive at the library. We’re starting with shipping loans once a… Read more

Reach Out for Mental Health

The uncertainty and physical distancing accompanying COVID-19 have had an impact on everyone’s mental wellness. There is support available. We blogged earlier about Managing Mental Health During COVID-19. Today we’re sharing three BC mental wellness sites that offer a variety of resources for all ages, including resources for coping with COVID-19: Kelty Mental Health Resource… Read more

Building Relationships with Students During COVID-19

Strong relationships are key to learning. Many of the actions you see in the above video are not possible now. But the need for connection remains. How do teachers and tutors establish and maintain relationships while physical distancing? See what others have done and find tips in: 3 Ways to Reduce Stress and Build Connections… Read more

Getting Started: A Guide to Adult Literacy in BC

Have you ever wondered: What needs to be in place to start an adult literacy program? How do you approach training tutors? What needs to be considered in program planning and evaluation?  Getting Started: A Guide to Adult Literacy in BC provides helpful answers to all these questions.  This new publication from Decoda contains information… Read more

International Literacy Day 2020

Today is International Literacy Day! This year’s theme is Literacy teaching and learning in the COVID-19 crisis and beyond, with a particular focus on the role of educators and teaching pedagogies. The highlight is on literacy learning in a lifelong learning perspective with an emphasis on youth and adults. The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown… Read more

Why Literacy Matters to Me

When Gwen came to Canada, she had to work long hours to support her family. There was no time to learn to read in English. Now, in her eighties, she loves to read The Westcoast Reader. You’ll find Gwen’s story along with some great ideas for participating in Literacy Month in the September edition of… Read more

Teacher Self-Care Tips

Self-care is particularly important for teachers this year. It’s not always easy, but here are some tips. For more ideas, read Educator Resilience and Trauma-Informed Self-Care Self-Assessment and Planning Tool. Reunite, Renew, and Thrive: Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Roadmap for Reopening Schools. Working from home and feel like you’re working all the time? Here’s… Read more

The Westcoast Reader – September 2020

The September issue of The Westcoast Reader is available now! There are articles about Literacy Month, a stolen teddy bear, the Pandemic Postcard project, and more… You can find the Teacher’s Notes for this issue online. Bonus: Free access continues for digital issues from January to June, 2020. For subscription information, or to find out… Read more