Workforce Literacy Practitioners

Workforce Literacy

“Workforce Literacy is the foundation for lifelong learning as people and businesses grow together. Improving workers’ skills creates a more productive workforce, a more competitive economy, and an improved bottom line.”

The Government of British Columbia is giving a lot of attention to the development of resource-based industries in our province. This requires a skilled local, regional and provincial workforce. Unfortunately, finding skilled labour has become more challenging than ever. In fact, it is predicted that B.C. is facing an increasing skills gap, in which the need for skilled workers is expected to exceed the supply. As government and industry are both interested in ensuring local labour force participation – and more people trained for trades and technology jobs – attention to the development of literacy and essential skills is imperative, particularly for more vulnerable populations. For our definitions of “literacy” and “essential skills,” click here.

Our Approach

Developing a Workforce Literacy & Essential Skills Plan: As an organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and strengthening communities, Decoda brought together senior public, private and non-profit leaders to develop a strategy to address the current and looming labour and skill shortages British Columbia is facing. What resulted was the Workforce Literacy & Essential Skills Plan, which is designed to support current and future generations of adults in the workplace.

“The challenge has been answered…and it’s for this reason, amongst others, that the BC Chamber of Commerce is both pleased and able to fully endorse the actions prescribed by Decoda in their Workforce Literacy and Essential Skills (WLES) plan.”    – John Winter, President & CEO, BC Chamber of Commerce.