PALS, IPALS, & Aboriginal PALS

Supporting early literacy development

One of our most popular programs is Parents as Literacy Supporters, abbreviated to PALS. The program provides parents and caregivers new strategies to support their preschool and kindergarten-aged children’s learning in fun and interactive ways.

Each PALS session focuses on learning through play, and includes time for parents and caregivers to talk with a facilitator, and time for adults and children to learn, play and have fun together. The program responds to the cultural and linguistic needs of the participating families and aims to provide a positive transition from home, and other early care settings to school.

We support the expansion of PALS throughout British Columbia by providing training for facilitators to explore the program content, and to understand how the PALS program can be implemented in the community.

We want to thank the Government of British Columbia for their longstanding support of the PALS program.

For more information about all PALS programs, please contact Aliza Dhungana, Program Manager, at or at 604-681-4199 x413.

PALS in Immigrant Communities

The PALS in Immigrant Communities (IPALS) program helps immigrant families support their preschool- and kindergarten-aged children’s early literacy development, through interactions in English and their first language.

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Aboriginal PALS

Aboriginal PALS training is based on the key teachings found in Aboriginal PALS, a program created for Aboriginal communities in consultation with Elders and other Aboriginal Community leaders. Click here for more information about the program.

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In this section, you’ll find free resources for all PALS programs that focus on learning through play.

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