Family Literacy Workshops


Interested in Family Literacy?

Family literacy is a term used to describe parents and children – or more broadly – adults and children – learning together. Literacy activity occurs naturally during the routines of daily living Family literacy can apply to all families and all literacy activities that take place within the family, not just school like activities. Although family literacy traditionally takes place within the family, family literacy activities and programs can be initiated by organizations outside of families.

Our Services:

We offer several unique professional development opportunities to help you achieve your family literacy training goals. Here is a list and description of workshops we offer:

  • Parents as Literacy Supporters (PALS) and IPALS
    PALS training includes the history of the program, a detailed examination of the individual session ideas, time to explore how participants can adapt the program to their individual settings, and potential partnerships within their community.
  • An “Invitation” to Playful Inquiry!
    In this workshop, participants will have an opportunity to play with a variety of materials that engage children’s innate curiosity and extraordinary ability for sensory exploration. Materials will be arranged as “invitations” that encourage playful inquiry and help children articulate their questions and make sense of their discoveries.
  • Bringing the Language of Art into the Heart of Your Teaching
    In this workshop, participants will experience a range of art “languages” through hands-on, open-ended experiences. Art is a way to describe a process of engagement with a variety of materials and equipment – a joyful, reflective, messy, creative process that deepens children’s learning.
  • Let’s Play Literacy!
    During this session participants will explore fun, playful, and developmentally appropriate ways to incorporate balanced literacy instruction in a Kindergarten and Grade 1 classroom.
  • Playful Literacy: Creating Invitations that Support Play-Based Learning
    Participants will explore fun and playful ways to incorporate balanced literacy instruction in pre=Kindergarten to Grade 1. Together we will examine a variety of literacy invitations to uncover both their play value and literacy connections.
  • Outdoor Explorations: Playful Encounters with Nature
    Learn more about the benefits of “Nature Play” and explore practical ideas to engage children in outside play activities that naturally build on their innate curiosity and sense of wonder.
  • Family Literacy in a Nutshell
    This workshop reflects on definitions of family literacy, goals of family literacy, as well as the importance of family literacy. There will also be an opportunity to discuss models of family literacy and the characteristics of an effective family literacy program.
  • Working Alongside Newcomer Parents as Literacy Supporters
    During this workshop, we explore play-based, culturally responsive family literacy activities that give Newcomer parents and caregivers strategies to support their preschool and kindergarten-aged children’s literacy learning.


Benefits to You:

– Shows parents that learning takes place everywhere through modeling how to talk, listen and sing with children.

– Helps parents to learn how to teach their children, facilitated by trained early childhood educators.

– Shows families that learning together is joyful, highly motivating and engaging.



“The teachers are full of love and dedication. Everything they prepare, they prepare for us.”

– Phoebe, Richmond

“To our IPALS facilitators…your passion for teaching, your love of children and your creativity linger long after the families have left.”

– Marie Thom, Early Learning Teacher Consultant

“PALS inspires parents to support their children’s learning by combining play with learning to make learning more fun.”

– Yan Sun, Parent