The Decoder – May 2017



I recently had the opportunity to attend a National Forum on Literacy and Poverty offered by Frontier College. The session provided a great reminder of the way literacy is fundamental to increasing the conditions that provide people with the means to a better life! We were reminded that effective literacy education is delivered at the community level; sets realistic, individualized goals; and has flexible policies and practices to meet the needs of learners.

Decoda is proud of our long-standing community literacy outreach network, supported through funds provided by the BC Ministry of Education. Our 102 Literacy Outreach Coordinators work with ‘task groups’ in 400 communities throughout the province to assess needs and develop actions to support literacy and learning. I think this network is a great example of how British Columbia is building the capacity to provide effective literacy education to all … children, youth, adults and seniors in communities throughout our province!

Supporting community literacy and working with partners to provide effective literacy programs requires financial resources. Decoda Literacy Foundation raises funds to support the work of Decoda Literacy Solutions and to help support programs in communities. We need your help! Please read Sarah’s story in our newsletter and discover how you can participate in The 400 Club.

Families play a huge roll in fostering literacy development. This month Mothers’ Day gives us the perfect opportunity to thank our mothers for all their literacy support! Consider making a donation to Decoda and send an e-card to honour your mother or grandmother.

Spring seems to bring a renewed sense of energy and optimism and at Decoda we are all fired up with planning for our 2017-2018 year. Stay tuned for more information about our September Literacy is Life campaign and the Decoda Literacy Solutions Conference 2017: Fostering Literacy we are planning for literacy outreach coordinators and practitioners!  Both of these events are made possible with generous assistance from a variety of sponsors. Please contact us if you would like to be involved in supporting these events.

Finally, we are excited about the launch of  Decoda Open Digital Badges. Do check out our video and infographic to learn how badges are changing how we share information about what we know and can do!

“Happy spring! I hope the sun shines on you and however you choose to spend those precious spring moments, you will also think about how you can help to ‘foster literacy’ in your home, community and workplace.”

Warm regards,

Jacquie Taylor