The Decoder – January 2016

From the Desk of the CEO

Happy New Year to you!  2015 was marked with many new achievements and highlights, which you can read about in our Community Report. This year, we are committed to supporting the literacy field through such projects as the Health and Safety Curriculum, webinars and credentialing adult learning.

Our first major initiative of 2016 is Family Literacy Week, which will be held between January 24th and 31st. The timing of this initiative coincides with ABC Life Literacy Canada’s Family Literacy Day (January 27th), which is celebrated annually across Canada. This year’s theme is “Let’s Play Together!” and we hope that you’ll join us!

Why encourage family literacy? Here are some great reasons:

– Research shows that children who get an early start in learning at home are better prepared to enter school and do better academically and socially.

– Parents who participate in family literacy programs (such as Love 2 Learn, which is described in this newsletter) learn to support their children’s learning, place greater value on education and learning and gain a better understanding of school systems.

To help strengthen lifelong learning, we’ve created special sheets filled with activity ideas for parents, caregivers and children so that we can all learn through play. Many of the daily routines that families do together are already valuable learning experiences for young children!

We’re drawing more attention to the importance of family learning by holding an online photo contest throughout January. We invite you to participate in literacy activities (with suggestions from our sheets, perhaps), take photos of the activities, post them to Decoda’s Twitter or Facebook feed and then encourage others to do the same. The winner (or winners), who will be announced at the end of the month, will receive a $150 gift card from Best Buy Canada.

Some communities across the province will be hosting Family Literacy Team Trivia Challenges, in partnership with our supporters, Nice Guys Trivia and Little H Entertainment. Please contact your local Literacy Outreach Coordinator to see what events are organized for your community in January.  If you attend, you’ll have a great time and will be supporting a good cause!

As always, I encourage you to contact us with any suggestions or comments regarding our communications, and our work.



Brenda Le Clair
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