Literacy Reviews

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What is a Literacy Review?

About 40% of British Columbians may have difficulty accessing the services and products you provide because of limited literacy skills. If you work with the general public, chances are that the literacy demands of your organization or business raise barriers for some clients.

A literacy review assists organizations and businesses to understand adult literacy needs and identify possible barriers in the delivery of services to the general public. Businesses can act on effective suggestions to continuously improve customer service.

The review also assists businesses to ensure that processes are clearer to employees.

Our Services

A full literacy review consists of meeting with senior staff or management to plan the level of depth that will be explored. Once this is agreed upon, we engage in the following: 

– Raising literacy awareness
– Literacy awareness walkabout
– A full review that looks at external materials for customers as well as internal processes and documentation for employees, including advertising, service delivery, clear verbal communication, clear print materials, staff and volunteer training
– A written report with recommendations, including meeting with staff

Benefits to You

A literacy review gives you effective methods to continuously improve your customer service and eliminate barriers for employees.

A literacy review can:

Increase your client base because you will be known for the quality and efficiency of your customer service
Increase your productivity because staff will understand work processes and be able to explain your procedures to clients in clear language
Save time in follow-up because clients will make fewer errors in filling out forms which have been edited for clarity