Clear Language and Design

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What is Clear Language and Design?

Clear language and design is a way of writing and placing written material so readers understand information quickly and easily. It is based on writing and design principles that create clear meaning without sacrificing content.

Our Services

We provide clear language and design editorial services, document assessment, testing and training. For your organization, we:

– Review your documents and/or website and show you where misunderstanding may occur
– Teach you how to make your written materials clearer and
– Edit your documents to make them clearer for your audience

For example:

Original sentence: “Firearm relinquishment is a mandatory condition.”
Clear language revision: “You must hand over your guns.”

Benefits to You

Clear language and design:

– Increases your client base because people can easily access your information
– Ensures better access to your information to your information
– Avoids misunderstanding, loss of interest, frustration, and mistakes
– Increases your productivity because staff and clients can easily understand and explain your business and
Saves time and money for everyone


“[Decoda] did a masterful job of expressing appreciation for the work that the [Labour Relations Board] has done, and then later noting where it needed to be re-written and restructured.  It was great for them to hear from an expert about what they did well and it enabled them to embrace [Decoda’s] vision of where the materials need to go.”

– Lisa Nakamura, Senior Policy Analyst, Ministry of Justice