Learning Disabilities – Assessing results

Achievement in non-accredited learning for adults with learning difficulties: report of the scoping study.
Liz Maudslay & Christine Nightingale. Leicester, UK: NIACE, 2004.
»This publication discusses the literature and work on assessment and achievement. It shows the wide range of understandings and methods available, in literature and in practice, to identify learners’ needs and achievements.

Learning disabilities training: a new approach.
Judith Anne Fowler. London, ON: Literacy Link South Central, 2003.
Also available online at http://www.en.copian.ca/library/research/ldtrain/cover.htm
»Includes information on screening and assessment.

Linking partners in literacy: assessment strategies for people with learning difficulties.
Blonde, Willie. Victoria, BC: The John Howard Society of BC, 1994.
»A summary of the Professional Development Workshop for Educators in Correctional Settings, which was designed as a networking opportunity for educators working in the correctional education system in B.C.

Naming the magic: non-academic outcomes in basic literacy.
Evelyn Battell. Victoria, BC: Ministry of Advanced Education, 2001.
Also available online at http://www.en.copian.ca/library/research/magic/cover.htm
»This report presents a description of techniques for documenting non-academic outcomes (NAOs) for literacy students: A Multi-Media approach, Using Journals, Goal Setting by Learners, Anecdotal Reporting and End-of-Term Reports (combination of two techniques) and Questions for Developing Awareness.

Also see other resources under Intake, screening and learning profiles.