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Taking care of the spirit

People who have struggled to learn all their lives have most likely faced ridicule, bullying, and attacks on their self-esteem and self worth. They may have found it difficult to find stable work, and may have experienced poverty or the insecurity of “survival” jobs.

A “whole-life” strategy to support adults with learning difficulties addresses the emotional, social and material aspects of learning inside and outside the classroom. Emotions are not excluded or placed on the sidelines, but are powerful resources for learning. This is key to a “whole-life” approach to learning disabilities.

What is a “LD-friendly” learning setting?

A “LD-friendly” learning setting uses accommodations, strategies and resources that are helpful for all learners whether or not they have a diagnosed learning disability. Another term from “LD-friendly” learning is Universal Design, an approach to designing learning settings that responds to diverse learning styles, accommodates learning difficulties and encourages multiple modes of expression.