Fundraise for Us

Thank you for choosing to support Decoda Literacy Solutions.

Third party events are fundraisers benefiting Decoda Literacy Solutions that are coordinated and implemented by an individual or an organization in the community. Third party fundraiser events do not involve the provision of participants/attendees, auction items or sponsors as part of the Decoda’s involvement in the event.

Support from the Decoda Literacy Foundation

  • Processing tax receipts.
  • Promotional materials (e.g. brochures, banners, donation boxes, etc.)
  • Sending press releases to local media
  • Event information on website

Donations / Tax Receipts

A tax receipt is given to people who make a personal donation to a registered charity. The donation must be made directly to the Decoda Literacy Foundation All cash donations of $20.00 or more are eligible for receipts. Donation “in-kind” (an item or service) may not be receiptable, so please check and confirm with our office (  We require the following information to properly process a tax receipt:

  • Donor’s Name
  • Donor’s Address (including postal code)
  • Donor’s Telephone Number
  • Amount of Donation

Tax receipts cannot be processed by the Decoda Literacy Foundation unless the event organizer remits the funds. Processing tax receipts takes 2-4 weeks after the donation has been received.

Third Party Event Registration

We require three weeks’ notice prior to any third party event. Decoda will provide you with an event registration form to fill out and return.

Decoda Logo Use

The Decoda logo is the property of Decoda and therefore, use is allowed only with our expressed permission. Usage is limited to the approved event and we require final approval of any event materials containing the logo.