Donor Spotlight: Eton College


Gail Hanney (Decoda) John Brouwer (Principal/Director of Advanced Education, Eton College), Nancy Wang (President, Eton College), Brenda Le Clair (Decoda), Nicole Beaulieu (Director of Operations, Eaton College) at the cheque presentation, held at Eton College in July, 2014 (Photo: Dan Enjo)

We are very thankful to have a growing list of community champions for literacy.

Eton College, a post-secondary institution in Vancouver, has shown an exceptional commitment to community literacy in British Columbia by supporting Decoda’s month-long Literacy is Life campaign.

“We strongly believe that no one should be left behind for lack of an opportunity for education,” says John Brouwer, Eton College Principal. “We are committed to a vision of healthy, happy and literate individuals who can contribute to the success of the communities that they live in.”

Eton College administrators have been actively encouraging students to volunteer in literacy-related activities around the Vancouver area through creating their own campaign, Jump for Literacy, which currently appears on their website and on social media.  Also, all students recently listened intently to an introductory talk by Decoda staff member Diana Twiss about community literacy and the role that they could play in propelling literacy rates upwards.

In addition to providing volunteers for various Literacy is Life events throughout September, the college is a sponsor for our upcoming campaign launch on September 10th.

“We are extremely proud to enlist a literacy champion that has already shown such strong initiative in the community for literacy and learning,” says Brenda Le Clair. “Eton College is setting an example to other area organizations interested in creating an impact.”

Eton encourages others to join in supporting literacy across the province. “We thrive on instilling a passion for lifelong learning,” Brouwer notes. “We’re excited to work closely with Decoda…as advocates for literacy.”

To find out how to become a community champion for literacy, contact Gail Hanney at or visit

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